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Enroll in a Course

  • To enroll in a course, please fill out all of the contact info below and in the message section please specify the course in which you would like to enroll and preferred dates. You can sign up multiple people on this page by adding their full names, ages, and emails.

  • Please be sure to click on the links below for important information regarding scuba diving and forms which must be filled out prior to participation. Each person must fill out their own separate form and minors must have a parent or guardian sign. Once those are filled out, please scan or photograph each page and send it to

  • There are several different ways to pay in advance: Credit Card, WisePayPal,  GCash, or bank transfer. Please specify which payment method you would like to use and when submitting contact info for multiple people, if you would like one invoice for everyone combined or individual invoices for each person. You do not have to pay in full in advance, but a P4,000 deposit does hold your space, secure dates and release Activation Codes for the online portion of courses. 

  • Upon receipt of the Activation Code, you can begin your new or continuing scuba diving adventure right away in the comfort of your home, hotel or wherever! Each course has an online academic portion that must be completed as part of the training for certification. It will greatly benefit you and the instructor if you have completed the online portion prior to water work. If you can't, no worries! The e-courses were designed to be accessed from anywhere on just about any digital device. Grab your smart phone or tablet and head to the beach to do your academics. 

  • Once deposit/payment is received, you will receive an Activation Code for your course so you can begin the online academic portion. 

  • Next, go to and create a free account.

  1. Once you’ve done that and are logged in, click on ‘My Courses’ -> ‘Activate New Course’. Input Activation Code here.

  2. Where it asks for affiliate number enter AF1343

  3. Now you can begin the academic portion of the class! As you complete the units and sections you will be able to see your progress as a percentage completed. When you have completed all of the units, quizzes and final exam, it will read 100% complete. This does not mean you have completed the whole class, only the academics.      

  4. Prior to the first Open Water dives, please download the ‘NAUI' app (for your certification card) as this will be required during the class.



*NAUI Release forms are also available in the following languages:

French, Arabic, Russian, Korean, Spanish, German, Chinese, and Italian. 

Please let us know if you need it in one of these languages.


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