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Gear Servicing

Regulator free-flowing? Time for annual servicing? Whatever your scuba gear needs, we can help! 

We are fully trained, certified and authorized service technicians for Auqualung, Apeks and Dive Rite scuba equipment.  

Just bring your gear by and we will perform a free full inspection prior to any servicing or repairs. If your gear does need repair or servicing, we'll get it done quickly using approved manufacturer's parts so you can get back in the water and dive with peace of mind.



Calypso, Titan, Core, Micra, Legend regulators and all Aqualung BCs



ATX, XTX, DS4, US4, TEK3, XL4 regulators. All Apeks BCs


Dive Rite

FT and XT regulators and all Dive Rite BCs

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