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Rental Services and Prices

Wicked Squid Divers offers very well-maintained, high quality gear from major manufacturers like Aqualung, Apeks, Aeris, and ScubaPro. Rest assured, we have the gear necessary for your safe and comfortable enjoyment of our beautiful seas. 

Snorkel Package

  • Package includes: Mask, snorkel, fins and boots

  • Hourly: P200

  • Daily (up to 6 hours): P600


Scuba Gear - Full Kit

  • Package includes: Mask, fins, boots, wetsuit, BC, regulator, computer, SMB, tank and weights

  • Per Dive: P300

  • 5-Day Dive Package: P2600


Scuba Gear - Individual Pieces

All prices are per dive​

  • Regulator: P500

  • BC: P400

  • Wetsuit: P300

  • Mask: P250

  • Fins (and boots, if required): P300

  • Computer: P500

  • Compass: P300

  • SMB: P200

  • Light: P400

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