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Underwater Photography and Videography

"The successful underwater photographer is a unique blend of diver, explorer, lighting technician, naturalist, conservationist, marine biologist, marine archaeologist, engineer, mechanic, and artist. This is a genre of photography that challenges us (and our cameras) like no other, but, by the same token, is hugely rewarding."

Dr. Alex Mustard - Marine Biologist and Underwater Photographer


Your Underwater Photography Adventure

From just starting out with a GoPro or 'point and shoot' to those with a bit of experience and more advanced kit who want to take it to the next level, we have courses and workshops made for you. We can even customize a program around what you want to achieve and when you want to do it. 

We currently have two established courses - one for certification and one non-certification - for beginners and experienced photographers. You can read about them here. Workshops will be announced as they are scheduled. To inquire about courses or workshops, send us a message via our contact page to get more info and find a course that will work for you. 

Jeff has been shooting underwater, both still and video, for over 25 years. "Underwater photography is a passion of mine and one that I love to share." To see some of Jeff's work, click here and here.

Orange Frogfish
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